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Simple! Choosing Cloudways as your hosting company from our affiliate link!

Purchase Cloudways Using the link below

Why Cloudway Hosting?

The WordPress website hosting that we use, it’s who we trust, and who you can trust.

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  • Various caching in place
  • Icon-clad Security
  • Easy Backup at server level
  • 24x7 Tech support
  • 1-Click install WordPres
  • Always up to date

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Frequently Asked Questions

Well,  Thank you for asking. I guess that is one beauty of internet. You don’t have to pay for it. Some else is paying for you. 

In our case, The webhosting company we TRUST and Love, Cloudways is paying little percent to me once you start using their service. 

I only recommend the product that i absolute love! I hope you do too.

The 2 things need to make it work:

  1. First open you inconginto window, if you don’t know how to open it, google it or check our blog post.
  2. Using the link below or click the button in the inconginto window to sign up with Cloudways.

Then you are all set! 

Send us screenshot of your purchase and signed up information. We will get you started.

Yes, I have tried many many hosting services. 

Cloudways obviously is a winner of all.

During deployment of your WordPress website, we deploy a unique optimization technology known as ThunderStack. 

The ThunderStack technology is a potent combination of the powerful features of Varnish, Memcached, Apache, and Nginx. This unique formula on the WordPress Hosting Platform guarantees up to 100% better page load times.

Migrating your WordPress website is an easy task. Free WordPress Migrator is a dedicated WordPress plugin that we have created for migration cases. In most cases, the automated WordPress Migration works like a charm.

Additionally, We offer one free managed migration, in case you wish to have assistance with your migration.

Well, if you already have a website, we can offer free migration of you website to Cloudways.

You can just follow the registration steps, we will keep in touch and send you instructions.

You need to have admin access to your old website though.

Through the WordPress Cloud Hosting Platform, you have everything from monitoring, scaling and cloning to backups, restores, and much more under 1-click operation.

Additionally, the Managed Hosting Platform is scalable and is capable of handling WordPress multisite and ecommerce website using WooCommerce. In comparison to other WordPress hosting providers, We offer you the opportunity to experience industry’s first, CloudwaysBot. For Developers, you have an option to use the API for integrations, automation, and development on top of the Hosting Platform.

Through our WordPress Hosting Platform, you can vertically scale all the aspects of your WordPress cloud server. In some cases, cloning may be required.

You can even choose to host your website on KYUP, an auto-scalable, container based cloud infrastructure.

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Bring & Convert traffic is NEXT!

Know visitor behavior
on site

Connect what you want to do with what you can measure. Strategy helps you know how to find the signal in the noise!

Know visitor behavior
on site

Connect what you want to do with what you can measure. Strategy helps you know how to find the signal in the noise!

Tracking Goal &

Connect what you want to do with what you can measure. Strategy helps you know how to find the signal in the noise!